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Revolutionizing Water Meter Management

Nationwide Surplus takes pride in offering specialized Municipality Services tailored to the unique needs of cities and towns. Our focus is on Water Meter Change Outs, providing comprehensive solutions that encompass the installation, replacement, and environmentally responsible recycling of city water meters.

Why Choose Us?

1. Efficient Water Meter Change Outs:

We specialize in efficient water meter change-outs, streamlining the process to minimize disruption to your city’s water infrastructure.

2. Professional Installation Services:

Nationwide Surplus offers professional installation services for new water meters, ensuring accurate and reliable metering for your municipality.

3. Environmentally Responsible Recycling:

Our commitment to sustainability extends to water meter disposal. We provide environmentally responsible recycling options for old water meters, contributing to eco-friendly practices.

4. Nationwide Reach:

With a nationwide reach, we can deploy our municipality services across the country. No matter where your city is located, we bring efficient water meter solutions to your doorstep.

5. Expertise in Municipal Contracts:

Nationwide Surplus has extensive experience in working with municipalities and government entities throughout the United States. We understand the intricacies of municipal contracts and compliance.

Contact Us for Municipal Water Meter Solutions:

Ready to upgrade your city’s water meter infrastructure? Contact Nationwide Surplus today for efficient water meter change-outs, professional installations, and environmentally responsible recycling. Let us be your trusted partner in enhancing water meter efficiency and sustainability for your municipality.

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