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Maximizing Value, Minimizing Waste

At Nationwide Surplus, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond surplus valve resourcing to encompass Scrap Metal Purchasing, Processing, and Dismantling. While we specialize in surplus valve solutions, we proudly compete with anyone in the industry when it comes to scrap pricing, ensuring that your metal waste is not just disposed of but turned into a valuable resource.

Competitive Scrap Metal Pricing:

We understand the significance of maximizing returns from your scrap metal. Our team ensures that most of the time, we can repurpose or reuse materials, providing added value. In instances where the material holds more value as scrap, we guarantee to match or beat any other scrap offer. Contact us to request a container or inquire about prices for scrap copper, scrap brass, scrap stainless, scrap iron, scrap insulated wire, scrap electric motors, scrap water meters, or any other scrap materials you have for sale.

Buying Your Scrap "Dirty":

Nationwide Surplus prefers to buy your scrap in its original state before any cleaning or hauling efforts. We are willing to pay competitive prices for your “dirty” scrap, saving you time and money in the cleaning process.

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Customized Recycling Solutions:

Nationwide Surplus is your partner for comprehensive recycling solutions. Our dedicated customer service representatives are ready to visit your facility, understand your recycling needs, and customize a solution that fits your specific requirements. We aim to build lasting business relationships by providing tailored, efficient, and eco-friendly recycling services.

Scrap Water Meter Collection:

We specialize in Scrap Water Meter Collection, having worked with municipalities and government entities nationwide. Purchasing old water meters from change-outs or new old stock water meters, we help cities and towns recover funds during water meter installations. We buy all types and sizes of water meters, valuing fully intact meters without the need for disassembly.

Types of Scrap We Buy:

Nationwide Surplus buys a wide range of scrap types, including but not limited to:

Environmentally Responsible Scrap Management:

Our scrap metal services adhere to the highest environmental standards. We prioritize recycling and responsible disposal methods, contributing to sustainable practices in the industrial sector.

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